Radiating Confidence

Hey guys, so today I’m going to do a little freestyle writing on Self Confidence. Why it’s important, how I taught myself to be confident, and how you can boost your own self confidence.

High School

During my early high school years I had very little confidence in anything I did. I felt my work was unsubstantial, my fashion sense was flat, and my appearance was cringe worthy. Because of this I made almost no attempt to put myself out or create friendships. This affected my grades and my social life drastically. I wasn’t confident in my work, I thought no matter what I did it would turn out all wrong, so I didn’t apply myself. I wasn’t confident in anything I had to say, I thought that everyone would find my opinions to be obsolete, so I didn’t talk to people. I was sad and lonely and had no one to turn to. The only way to change this feeling was to reprogram my thoughts and reach out to others.

The Change

It wasn’t until I asked myself these questions that I decided to change. Why do I care so much? And what do I have to lose? My classmates were human too right? So why don’t I try to get to know them? That’s what did it. I was sick of having no friends and no one to turn to. When lunch period came around, I sat with new people instead of sitting by myself. Yes it was uncomfortable at first, but eventually I could sit down and strike up a conversation with anyone in that cafeteria. I put myself out there and I found that making friends was easier than I had anticipated.

New Friendships, New Ideas

One thing that comes with talking to new people is gaining new ideas, thoughts, and opinions. I grew myself through listening to others and deciding where I stood with multiple different topics. I found people I agreed with, and some that I didn’t, but that didn’t matter. I learned to have open ears and an open mind.

Increased Participation

I had grown my thoughts because of everyone that I shared everyday conversation with. I now wanted to express myself through my work. I wanted to be somebody that was well recognized for whatever they did. This may not have helped my math skills much but it did motivate me to practice my music in Band, my writing in English, and my projects in Art. At the end of the day I was proud of anything I created.

Confidence is Key

If there’s any advice I can give to anyone struggling with self confidence it would be to put yourself out of your comfort zone. You never know what you’ll discover if you take a little time to explore. Give people a chance, they may be struggling too. You may find it hard to believe, but you’re not the only one yearning for confidence. By reaching out to others you not only improve yourself but those around you as well. Confidence is contagious like that. Take pride in everything you do. Whether your project works as planned or not, you can always be proud if you have it your all, so don’t be scared to apply yourself.

A Better You

In the end you will be forever thankful that you made a change. I am proud of myself for every moment I took to exchange with others and every hour I spent re-writing an assigned paper. You can become a better you if only you give yourself a good start. Self confidence is not an easy skill to achieve, but it is something I encourage everyone to try on.

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