A Minimalists Closet

As I was switching to a more minimalist lifestyle the biggest step I took was cleaning out the closet. I got rid of garbage bags full of clothes I didn’t need or want anymore and the reduced clutter was  overwhelmingly enlightening. Plus, getting ready for the day became so much easier! The following column will take you through a couple of things to thin about when cleaning out your own closet.

How Long Since You’ve Worn It?

When you have too many clothes it’s easy to let a couple of pieces get lost in the mix. Think about how long it’s been since you’ve actually worn that raggy old T-Shirt, or those last century style shorts. Is it really necessary to keep them around any longer?

Does It Fit?

Duh, obviously there is no reason to keep clothes that don’t quite fit anymore… Enough  said.

woman girl jeans clothes

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

What Goes Well

Wile I was creating my capsule closet I knew I only wanted it to consist of a few tops and bottoms, and some other necessities. I made sure that the clothes I kept all went well in a mix and match scenario. I kept a few shirts that all looked great with the same pair of shorts and vise versa. I have an outfit waiting for me no matter how I mix things up.

The Necessities

Keep neutral colors and you can almost never go wrong. Have some warm wear for those cold summer nights by the fire, and some cool wear for a hotter than usual fall day. Always keep a couple of pairs of denim bottoms… they go with everything. Keep a couple of dresses, they make super quick, cute outfits that you can wear almost anyplace. You may need an occasional cami to hide your colorful bra under a sheer blouse. Sometimes it’s the little things that will save your outfit.

photo of iphone on shirt near sunglasses

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

You Can Always Borrow

Something to keep in mind when you decide to rid of almost all your clothes is that there will come a day you will feel unprepared to dress for an event. Have no fear! just get on that smart phone of yours and ask around. You don’t have to buy all your own clothes. I’m sure your room-mate has a nice sun dress that would be fitting for that cookout, or your close friend has a decent pair of dress pants you can borrow for that interview.

Donate or Sell

After you’ve finished cleaning out your closet, I bet you’ll have a couple of bags of clothes to get out of your space. You can sell these items and make some extra cash. Or you could even donate it to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Whatever solution you choose, just get that clutter off your shoulders, you’ll be thankful you did. 




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